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What anyone can see: Hawke is about twenty-eight, and looks like the woman on the right in this picture, although hopefully not with as many bloodstains and in more sensible armor. She usually has an expression of contemplation, quiet amusement, or the raised eyebrow you can see in the icon above.

She frequently has a large dog by her side. The dog looks like this, and stands about chest-high to Hawke, who is not a small woman. He also looks as though he 1) understands most of what you're saying, and 2) finds you vaguely amusing. This is because he does, on both counts. His name is Teo.

What people from or who've heard of Thedas (world of Dragon Age) might know:

  • Rogue, started out sarcastic but turned a bit more diplomatic by the endgame. Uses smartass remarks to amuse herself and to cope but doesn't take it too far. (read: no bags of boneless flesh flopping around Hightown)
  • Whether or not Bethany joined the Circle or the Wardens is either left open or varies depending on situation; Hawke is slightly different depending on which happened. Slight preference for leaving her behind, leading to Circle Mage Bethany.
  • Earned the Arishok's respect and the title Basalit-an; dueled him to protect Isabela.
  • Helped Fenris smite Hadriana and Danarius.
  • Took responsibility for Merrill's actions but never encouraged her in blood magic. (demons are bad)
  • Helped Zevran against Nuncio.
  • Rescued Nathaniel from the Deep Roads.
  • Protected the mages against the templars, both at the endgame and pretty much generally throughout. But was not an automatic Templar-hater. Preferred to stay out of their way.
  • Romanced Anders. Convinced him to save Ella. Helped him sneak into the Chantry after a lot of emotional blackmail which she was not happy about. Did not kill him. Whether she ran away with him or not varies depending on context. This can be ignored/adapted depending on RP context, but it's usually my default because the way I play Hawke means she was primed for an Anders romance, and I like how it messes with her character.
  • Any more specific questions, feel free to ask.

What is permitted in roleplay: As far as the mun is concerned, pretty much anything. I'm extremely hard to offend and enjoy writing challenges. As far as Hawke is concerned, she'll let you know. ;)

For mods (or in memes), death/maiming/etc is an option but please discuss it with me first.

Available AU versions (so far): sci-fi (post her Entanglement game canon), and Marvel (modern AU, generic SHIELD agent). Open to suggestions. AUs are a fun challenge.

If you need to know anything else, drop me a note/comment.
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Hawke lurks all over the place and is currently homeless because Real Life is a distracting and unpredictable business.

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[[Backthreading nsfw romantic history post for [ profile] birdhousesoul. Set not long after they hook up, before All That Remains]]

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Hawke does not have any supernatural abilities of her own.

She does however have a dog. He has an exceptionally good sense of smell and a habit of identifying/nicknaming people based on what they smell like/personality traits/whatever seems a good idea to him at the time (these names periodically change as the dominant characteristic he associates with them changes). Also he's very intelligent for a canine (moreso than he acts) and capable of identifying if you are not exactly human/able to use magic (which has a scent)/etc. If you'd like to tell him what your character smells like or characteristics that a very clever dog might pick up on, that'd be helpful and perhaps useful for comedy or plot later on. (it will not be a very exciting name; he's a dog, he has a limited vocabulary no matter how smart he is)

Don't worry, he can't talk. Though he may find other ways of indicating to Hawke that something is Odd.
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