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General Permissions / How's My Driving?

Hawke lurks all over the place and is currently homeless because Real Life is a distracting and unpredictable business.


Backtagging/slowtagging: Yes forever. I really mean this, slowtags don't bother me.
Threadhopping: Check first in case something was planned.
Fourthwalling: Only if you're Deadpool
Offensive/triggering subjects: Stay away from child death, please. Otherwise it's all good.


Flirting: Oh hell yes. She'll flirt and snark and tease until the world ends, and probably afterwards.
Hugging: Make sure she knows it's a hug and not a sudden attack. Just in case of knives.
Kissing: See above.
Sex: See above. If she's not interested, she'll let you know.

Canon shipping preferences:
OTPs: Anders, Varric, Alistair
Sure: Isabela, Fenris, Cullen, Zevran, Nathaniel, the Inquisitor, the Warden, Morrigan.
NOTPs: Sebastian, the Arishok, Merrill. (Sorry, Merrill, the blood magic is a dealbreaker)
Anyone else: Sure, I'll give it a try.

NOTE: Hawke is bi and will flirt with either gender forever, but unfortunately I'm terrible at writing f/f, so it's m/f only for smut. Sorry. Happy to CR as though she's in a f/f relationship, though, particularly with Isabela canonmates.

Kink preferences: The usual won't do scat/gore types, but open for most other things. Hawke's primary kinks are oral (giving more than receiving), rough sex/fighting as foreplay, and wall sex. She's a natural leader and usually in charge, so having the tables turned on her so she's not in control (so long as it's a trusted setting/partner) seriously turns her on. But being a natural leader she can definitely be dominant and enjoys that too. Also, she talks/quips a lot, so wordplay can be as much foreplay as anything physical. More details if you want 'em.

Fighting/injury: Bring it. Hawke fights dirty. Also, extremely well.

Death/maiming/serious injury: Discuss it with me first, but what I'm most interested in is writing a solid character in an interesting story, and bad shit happens. When bad shit happens it usually leads to interesting writing possibilities, so I'll almost certainly be willing to consider anything. But warning is good.

Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Bring it. Ask and I'll tell you what you'll find there. Hawke will almost certainly object, but please don't let that stop you. She has no psychic defenses, unless strong willpower counts.

AUs: I'll try nearly anything. But Hawke will always just be human, no superpowers, in any setting.

Permissions from you

Hawke has a dog. He has a certain amount of autonomy. If you could tell him what your character might smell like, that would be helpful. See comments for examples. Otherwise I'll make stuff up.

How's My Driving? Please do comment on it, I want to know what works and what doesn't. Got another question? Go for that too. Either leave me a note here, send a PM, or email me at ashfae at technicaldetails dot org.

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Hawke isn't that bad a driver... although I much prefer it when I do the driving.