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Hawke leans up on her elbow, looking down at him with an expression somewhere between amazement and vague outrage. "She wanted to use you for breeding stock?" It's just a moment, and then she tries to control her reaction. It's hard to say what aspect of the idea piques her. The idea of Anders, with all his gifts and intelligence and humor, all the things she loves about him, valued for nothing but his ability to propagate. Or, yes, the possibility that somewhere there could be another woman, not her, who has Anders' child.

She forces herself to let go of the idea. From the way he's phrased things it didn't happen, might not even have been more than a suspicion on Karl'es part. And Maker's name, they've only been together a few days. She has no right to be possessive in this respect, particularly not of things that happened long ago, before they ever met. That's getting off-track and then some.

The political aspects of the idea don't surprise her. She's heard a bit about Circle factions here and there, more than a non-mage would usually manage to learn, and there's a logic to the idea of solving the mage problem by making a lot more mages. The sheer cold-bloodedness of it is still a bit sickening to her, however.

Hawke calms her breathing and settles back down next to him, looking for something else to concentrate her attention on, though what else there was in this bit of the story isn't terribly encouraging either. And it's not as though she can ask him to get back to Karl, skip to the end; she knows the end, how devastatinly painful it was, how wasted. That's why she wanted to know the beginning as well. "In the cells, huh. I take it that's a result of one of the infamous escape attempts rather than something more risqué." Dark humor to approach still dangerous subjects, but things she also very much wants to know, has wanted to know and been unable to ask for years. "I take it Karl disapproved of those, if you had different political leanings."
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