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"It required specific circumstances," Hawke agrees. "Neither of us being injured, for one thing. But we were all pretty aware at the time of just how short life is, and determined to make the most of whatever moments we could grab." Her mouth quirks. "That, or I was just a sex-crazed teenager. One of those." Not quite a teenager by that point really, nineteen or twenty, but close enough.

"But yes, those lessons--the lockpicking and rogue ones, not the ones that involved trees--were the basis for a lot of what I do now. It was a solid grounding in the basics. After that it was mostly a matter of practice and opportunity, and Maker knows I get chances for that here." He gets a quick kiss for the compliment. Too bad she doesn't know what he's really thinking, jokes about wood and unfortunately placed bark would abound. It would unhinge the conversation though, which would probably be a pity.

Though the conversation now goes problematic places, because what had ended her 'relationship' with Lara was Ostagar. Not something Hawke intends to make pillow talk about, to say the least.

He'll fill in the gaps. She sighs and stretches her arms in the air above her chest. "Anyway, after that I came to Kirkwall, and had a charming year of indentured servitude working for smugglers, as you know. It could have been worse, at least most of them had senses of humor." She's pretty sure the mercenaries who were her other option had none. "There was a bit more experience in there, but nothing really noteworthy, to be honest. Casual friends passing time."
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