Date: 2012-01-02 12:54 pm (UTC)
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"Oh, it was all thoroughly improbable," she says easily, grinning. Not just because of the game they're currently playing, but because she can still feel the results of her movements a few moments ago, which bodes well for the immediate future. "A very pretty bundle of contradictions, emphasis on the very pretty. More than witty enough to match me flirt for flirt, and passionate enough to make my head spin, but all of it restrained and locked away, and me without the right lockpicks. Such a challenge." She slides her legs so she's straddling him, still resting her head on his chest but the position is becoming more suggestive. Or perhaps the word should be inviting.

"A fighter capable of impressive damage, but also a healer. Compassionate, but at times implacable. Intelligent, able to find humor in some of the most unlikely places, but with a gravity about him when the humor wasn't in play. Passionate, as I said, but controlling it, directing it." She runs a finger along his mouth. "Entirely irresistable and unforgettable. I'm afraid I can't explain how or why he withstood me for so long, it's a mystery. Isabela tried to distract me but it was too late, I was riveted. So she switched to torturing me now and then with explicit descriptions of the things I could do to him that might wear away at his determination to not give in to my wiles. I dwelt on them at length. Especially here." She moves against him, just a bit. "The number of times I considered pushing him up against a wall and seeing what would happen, the number of nights I lay awake at night imagining the possibilities, in vivid detail..."
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