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[[Backthreading nsfw romantic history post for [ profile] birdhousesoul. Set not long after they hook up, before All That Remains]]

Hawke falls back on the bed, sweat sticking her hair to her forehead, skin flushed. It's the middle of the night, but the fire in the fireplace still burns enough to cast more light than shadows on her skin, and on the skin of the man next to her. "That was amazing." Still breathing hard, she smiles brilliantly at him, then decides that's not enough and rolls towards him for another kiss. She can't seem to stop kissing him now that she's finally able to. Not that she's tried hard to resist the urge for the past...week, maybe two weeks? It seems longer, and not long enough. "Andraste's flaming pyre, Anders, where'd you learn to do all this?"

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Ostagar, he knows, and will not ask about. He opts to make her laugh instead. "Casual friends passing time," he repeats, mock-skeptical. "With half the Coterie panting after you, and the entire staff of the Blooming Rose, I'm sure. A paragon of chastity, yes, because you knew you were going to meet me in a few months' time, and no woman can resist the prospect of a possessed Grey Warden who really knows his way around the Deep Roads." He makes Deep Roads an innuendo. He also pinches her bottom as he says it.

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"I didn't say the entire city," protests Anders, who is perhaps unwittingly giving her a reason to smirk, as those suggestive movements have their inevitable effect. "I only implied most of the city. Far be it from me to spoil the end of any story, especially one so sweetly told. Hereafter I shall listen most intently. What about this terrible, yearning, unrequited crush, and leading me on with tales, and ... the rest of that part?" She's taking unfair advantage, really, dulling his wit with her charms, what is that, some kind of rogue thing? What name does that technique get, and how many trees got their bark all abraded in the teaching of it?


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