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Player: Ashfae
Contact: [ profile] ashfae
Age: Over 21
Current Characters: None


Character: Marian Hawke
Age: 30ish.
Canon: Dragon Age series
Canon Point: Dragon Age Inquisition, Here Lies the Abyss, just after she's sacrificed herself.

Background: Dragon Age Wiki, I summon you! For specifics:

  • Hawke is a purple (sarcastic) rogue.
  • Bethany lived and went to the Circle.
  • Everyone recruited and friended, all quests completed including DLC.
  • Earned the Arishok's respect and the title Basalit-an; dueled him to protect Isabela.
  • Helped Fenris smite Hadriana and Danarius, Varric convinced him to let his sister live.
  • Took responsibility for Merrill's actions but never, ever encouraged her in blood magic.
  • Helped Zevran against Nuncio.
  • Rescued Nathaniel from the Deep Roads.
  • Protected the mages against the Templars, both at the endgame and generally throughout.
  • Made no deals with any demons at any point. Demons are not to be trusted.
  • Romanced Anders. Convinced him to save Ella. Helped him sneak into the Chantry after a lot of emotional blackmail which she was not happy about. Did not kill him, but refused to run away with him. I'm leaving this in place because 1) the way I play Hawke she's frankly primed for the Anders romance, and 2) I'm interested in the way it changes her character, both over the course of the game and particularly afterwards.
  • Felt deeply responsible for Corypheus. In Inquisition, opted to stay behind in the Fade so the others could have time to escape.
  • Identity of the Warden and Inquisitor, and Alistair's state, all deliberately left vague.
  • Any more specific questions, feel free to ask.


    Hawke is the sort of hero who didn't plan on becoming a hero, and has fallen into the role largely by virtue of doing things that need doing. She's generally a person of integrity, though few would call her law-abiding; she obeys laws when convenient and when she agrees with them, and has no qualms about breaking them when they aren't or she doesn't. She places personal loyalty above the greater good, though she'll work for the greater good when she can tell what it is, which she would say is the real trick; she's very aware that perceptions are relative.

    Her goal used to be simple: protect her family at all costs, and particularly keep her magic-using sister Bethany safe from the Templars who imprison all mages. Increased responsibilities and a failure (in her view) to meet them despite trying her hardest have made her more serious, sometimes more bitter and cynical, but also more able to be diplomatic (when she can be bothered). She doesn't believe that any means justify a given end, but is pragmatic; she tries to do the most good she can but recognizes that it's not always possible to get a good outcome from a given situation.

    Hawke has a knack for looking through rubbish and seeing what might be useful, if not to her then to someone else. It's not a packrat tendency; she keeps very few personal possessions, most of which are useful rather than nostalgic (though there have been notable exceptions to this). It's more that she knows surprising things can be hidden in unexpected places, where other people might not spot them, or be willing to dig through muck in order to get them. She's not afraid to get her hands dirty, in any sense. The knack extends past things and to people. She takes time to form opinions, and hunts for the hidden qualities that make a person unique. This has led to some unusual friendships, some of which may seem incomprehensible at first glance. Anyone who earns her loyalty and friendship will have a friend who'll fight demons for them, literally and metaphorically.

    Hawke jokes a lot, usually with sarcasm involved. Whether a situation is serious or not, she'll be quipping about it. This does not mean she isn't taking it seriously, which is shown in her actions if not her words. She keeps her actual emotions held very close these days and will frequently cover up her own feelings with humor, particularly if the subject is connected to an area of her life she doesn't wish to discuss. She's pretty much fearless and hard to surprise; she's seen too much weird shit for that, and has nothing to lose.

    While she has her own ideas about right and wrong she's pretty non-judgemental, believing strongly in free will and allowing people the chance to fix their mistakes. She questions before she acts, but when she does act she acts without hesitation. Once she's in a fight she'll end it as quickly and efficiently as possible. She enjoys fighting--she enjoys anything that she's skilled at, and she's a very skilled fighter--but doesn't draw things out when it's a serious matter.

    Hawke has a lot of grief and anger she's never really dealt with. The family she defined herself by protecting are all gone, her friends are scattered, and her lover betrayed her in order to start a war. Additionally, she inadvertently let loose an ancient magister who's currently causing even more war, chaos, and bloodshed in his attempt to take over the world in horrible ways. She feels no small amount of responsibility for all these things, though chances of getting her to admit to the fact are very slim. At the point where she's apped, she's been trapped in the Fade with the Inquisitor and a number of other people, and is running towards death by Giant Demon Spider (because it's always the Maker-damned spiders) in order to distract it so they can escape and destroy Corypheus for good. At that precise moment, she's oddly at peace; she's not suicidal, but she's doing what she's sure is necessary. As deaths go, that's not so bad. She'll be very surprised to find things didn't end there before concluding that it's bloody typical because things never go as planned.


    Kill things. Pick locks, even extremely good ones. Kill more things. Set and disable traps. Did I mention killing things? She's very fast and quite strong, at the peak of human physical ability, though still only human. She's mastered the shadow, duelist, specialist, and scoundrel) paths. In addition to daggers (dual weapon style, mastered), she can use a bow (just pinning and bursting shot). She's good at surviving, including living off the land to an extent (more by hunting than gathering, though she can do some of the latter). She can swim well enough to not drown.


    Sosyne. Hawke's predominating characteristic has always been her determination, which for her is a fairly calm, focused state. She figures out what needs to be done, and works to accomplish it, cool-headed. But she's also very passionate, and certainly can lose her temper, particularly when faced with injustice, bullies, and those who use others or treat people like objects. That passionate anger is what fuels her determination. Sosyne is the closest match to the emotions that drive her.



The Dog

    Name: Teo

  • Appearance: This, but without the paint. He's a big dog, called a Mabari war hound. His head is about chest-high to Hawke, who is not short. He usually looks like he's grinning, canine-style. He usually is.

  • Personality: Teo is loyal absolutely to Hawke, period. Mess with her and you mess with him, which means he'll tear your leg off, and he can do it. Due to his breed, he's extremely strong and much smarter than most dogs; he can communicate fairly well via barks and grunts etc, and does understand most of what anyone says. He also has a sense of humor. Watch out for it. He will act on his own initiative, especially when curious, but his default is following Hawke around and guarding her back.

  • Abilities: Biting things. Savaging things. Killing things. Peeing on things. Licking Hawke's face. Fetching the guard to haul off a burglar he's trapped in the wardrobe. Playing cards. Not kidding about that last one.


General Sample: General Hawkeness

Emotion Sample: TDM link

Questions: Not at present!


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