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We do attract a peculiar kind of fortune.

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Leandra: He accepted that burden so he could shield us, give us a life of our own choosing. Much as you do.

Hawke: That's me. Banging my head against the walls of tyranny.

Leandra: You know, your father was the same way. Taming the shadows with questionable wit. The best of him is still with you. The best of all of us. It's what makes you try so hard. You will always have that. We will always be family.

Plurk at [ profile] ashfae. Musebox over at [community profile] faemused; feel free to join/read, and if there's anything you'd like to experiment with over there, drop me a line.

I don't own Hawke, I don't own Dragon Age 2, and I don't own enough money to be worth suing. If Bioware come after their character, I hope they take cookies in payment.

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banging my head against the walls of tyranny, bantering with sarcastic dwarves, chasing after my dog, cleaning other people's messes, dramatic rescues, family, getting on meredith's nerves, kirkwall, protecting mages, protecting my sister, sardonic remarks, smiting demons, sneaking around, stabbing things, tainted crazy people, teasing
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